Swimming is the first integrated sport added to Wichita Adaptive Sports. This gives swimmers and parents more flexibility to find a time that best fits his/her schedule, as well as, allow adaptive swimmers the ability to swim alongside friends/siblings.  Lessons are held bi-weekly throughout the year at the Wichita Swim School. Adaptive participants will be receive swimming lessons at a significantly reduced rate thanks to a grant provided by, Westar Energy.

More advanced swimmers will be placed in the Wichita Swim Club which provides additional coaching to help them compete as equals on their competitive swim team as well as local school team.  There are also several swim meets offered across the United States which are specifically geared towards adaptive athletes. 

For additional information please contact:

Kary Pierce Youth Sports Director or visit Wichita Swim School Web page




Payton is a stroke survivor and as a result, has left sided hemiplegia, which is a form of cerebral palsy.  Payton loves sports, but when only half of your body works the way it is supposed to, it can make moving and playing any kind of sport a real challenge.  Swimming is Payton’s absolute FAVORITE sport and this is her reason why, “The pool is my happy place. In the water, my body is free and light and it is easier for me to move. Sometimes I wish that I was a mermaid so that I could live in the water all of the time.” Being a part of Wichita Adaptive Sports provides the opportunity to participate in adaptive swimming at the Wichita Swim Club.  Being a part of Wichita Adaptive Sports has finally given Payton a sense of belonging, where her disability does not define or limit her in any way. We are so incredibly blessed to be a part of this amazing organization and family!
— Sherri Holle