Wichita Wildfire wheelchair basketball has been playing as a team since 2016. This year our youth varsity team (ages 14-18) has joined the NWBA for the first time. The goal of the wildfire BB team is to give athletes with a lower extremity physical disability the opportunity to play on a competitive team while traveling to tournaments throughout the mid-west.

Our younger players and junior varsity players continue to play as a club team, practicing at the same time as the varsity and learning from their experience.   It is our hope that in the next year we will have enough competitive young players to join our traveling league as well.

All athletes who participate in wheelchair basketball must have a confirmed doctor’s diagnoses of a permanent lower extremity disability. However, this does not mean that each athlete must be a full time wheelchair user. We have a limited number of basketball wheelchairs to try for those who would like to come join our team.

We are blessed to be welcomed at the Andover Faraha Center for practices on Thursdays from 6-8pm and on most Sundays 4-5:30pm. Our season runs Mid-September to Mid-March.

For more information or to discuss athlete the qualification process for participation please contact Coach Leann at 620-877-7266.

The Wichita Adaptive Sports has been such a blessing for our son Blane. He has grown up cheering for his sister as she participates in sports, and being able to participate in sports of his own, with fans cheering for him, has done so much for his confidence. Blane has loved all of the sports that have been offered through the Wichita Adaptive Sports. His absolute favorite is basketball. He has learned so much about the rules of wheelchair basketball, and he has met so many amazing kids and coaches who have made it even more fun for him. At the end of the 4th grade school year this past May, Blane had to do a report and share with the class about something that they may not already know about. Without even having to brainstorm with him what he might want to share, he automatically said “Mom! I can tell them all about how to play wheelchair basketball! I bet nobody else knows how to do that!” He was so proud to share his knowledge with others, and he was so confident in his speech. That is what WAS has done for Blane, it is has given him confidence, pride, friendship and community. He knows that he is not alone, and that there are lots of others who have his back. It has also been amazing for us as parents. We kind of have our own community, and the support from the other parents in different situations for us has been invaluable!

Jalen's Story

I can never thank Wichita Adaptive Sports enough for letting us become a part of the family.  On March 20th 2016 my sons life changed forever.  Jalen was involved in a hit and run accident that left him paralyzed.  Jalen was looking forward to becoming a Senior in high school at West High.  His Senior year was to be full of excitement and getting the chance to experience all of what being a Senior is meant to be.  This was his last year to play football in high school and eventually move on to play in college, but I guess the Lord had something else in mind for him.  While Jalen recovered at Craig hospital I will never forget him saying “I will never be able to play sports again”. 

Jalen Robinson.jpg

My daughter just happened to have a volleyball game at the same time  a group of kids were playing wheelchair basketball.  Isn’t it amazing how the Lord works!  As I stood there and watched these kids play basketball in their wheelchairs I was amazed because each one of these kids were smiling and having so much fun despite their disabilities.  Even though these kids were younger than Jalen I had to figure out a way to get more information. 

Jalen has turned his cant’s into cans being involved with Wichita Adaptive Sports.  Jalen is now a coach and loves being involved with the kids of WAS and from what I have seen and heard the kids love Jalen just as much.  Jalen has become excited about basketball and is hoping in the near future he can have his own team for adults with WAS.  Hand cycling is another sport that Jalen has gotten involved in.   

WAS thank you for being here and welcoming my son and family to join this great bunch of kids and parents.