Ready, Set, Adapt. is a clinic hosted in April at Wichita State University. The purpose of the event is to expose individuals to various sports offered in the Paralympics. Professional athletes were invited to share their expertise and knowledge with local youth. Sport opportunities included: wheelchair tennis, wheelchair basketball, track and field, hand cycling, power soccer and boccia. 


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Kary Pierce

Isabel was born with lipomyelomeningocele, a type of spina bifida that can result in significant obstacles to motor function. Isabel is ambulatory right now with leg braces, but growing up can be hard to do sometimes. She has had several surgeries to help her ankles and leg bones function well enough to walk as she continues to grow. Isabel also wants to keep up with her older brother when playing sports or riding bikes, but those clunky braces and funny feet have difficulty to keep up with her playful spirit. Isabel was very happy last fall after being introduced to a racing wheelchair at the inaugural Wichita Adaptive Sports (WAS) Clinic in Wichita. She was a quick learner while riding around the track with Cheri, a real USA paraolympian invited by WAS! The racing chair that she borrowed from WAS allows her to continue participating in track events at Challenge games and Endeavor games this year. Without that support, she would not have been able to join those events this year. WAS even invited David, an inspirational athlete from Oklahoma, to teach our group how to road-race in the chairs. The very generous support of WAS allows Isabel to more fully enjoy racing and she looks forward to the day when she can “outrun” her brother using the chair. We are very excited about the opportunities that WAS has provided for Isabel and we really love how much she is progressing in sports such as track, swimming, tennis, and basketball because of WAS support.